Walk Thru the Bible

The Walk Thru the Bible Seminar

What if there were a way to inspire Christians to read the most important truth found in the Scriptures? What if we could teach and engage believers in a fun, energetic, interactive way that will result in their wanting to read the Bible for themselves?

We can. And there is.

By unpacking the larger story of the Bible in a fun, compelling, and engaging live event, Walk Thru the Bible connects the dots of the Old and New Testaments telling the larger narrative of the entire Bible (hint: It’s about Jesus).

Westmount Bible Chapel is hosting an interactive Old Testament (otLIVE) event. Dr. Dan Degeer will walk us thru the Old Testament in a live and interactive way that will help us to learn the key events, personalities, and places of the Old Testament.

Whether it’s to reignite a passion for the living Scriptures or to share the truth of the Scriptures to  unbelievers, Walk Thru the Bible is designed to share, educate, build community, and invite accountability for fellow Christians to dive into the Scriptures and explore the powerful story of redemption.

This is a one day event, Saturday, April 13th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and includes a book and a lunch. Registration is $20 per person.  Secure a seat today!