The men at Westmount Bible Chapel meet on the first Saturday of each month, between October and June. As men of the Word, the Chapel Men gather each month for a systematic study and examination of Scripture, for the purpose of knowledge (2 Corinthians 8:7), certainty (Acts 17:11) and practice (2 Timothy 3:16-17). To that end, Chapel Men strive to grow in the knowledge of the Word and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we would be firm in the faith, strong, and act in the love of Christ (1 Corinthians 16:13-14). 

Women of Westmount

The Women of Westmount meet weekly on Wednesday mornings, between mid-September and May for a believer's Bible study. Together we study and apply the Word of God through encouragement, prayer, and discipleship that the Word of God would be upheld to the glory of God (Titus 2:5). Typically our studies are on a books of the Bible. However, ocassionally we will do a book study. Our ladies study for winter and spring of 2021 will be on the attributes of God. Please take time to review our statement of faith here.


We have a great responsibility before God to steward the children in our care. It is out of a love for God who gives us the opportunity to point children to the Gospel that we desire to bring Him glory (Psalm 78:4). We teach from the Word of God each Sunday and reinforce learning and understanding through age-appropriate activities and games from the Generations of Grace Curriculum (Psalm 78:7).  Child care is provided from infants to grade 1 during our worship service. Children remain with their parents in service during worship through song then are dismissed to their classes.