Do You Know Another?

April 16, 2021 at 8:52 AM

This is the first poem the Westmount Wordsmiths are releasing, centred around the One who has given us salvation, rest, guidance, and, in fact, poetry.


Do you know another?

Have you searched the world

     For one who is so tender

     To all those in His fold?

From earthly realms His saints will flee,

     And dwell on His household.


Do you know another?

Or have you searched in vain

     For peace in darkened valleys

     Far from the heavenly plain?

Though sorrows here are felt, they’ll grow

     Into a heavenly gain.


Do you know another?

Is any king more fair,

     Or worthy of our talents,

     Our labour, and our prayer?

Who crowned with joy, with light and truth,

     Invites us to draw near.


Do you know another

     Who by His own travail

     Has purchased for His glory

     A people weak and frail?

Whose righteousness and strength are His,

     Whose faith can never fail.


Do you know another

     Who has prepared a home

     For all who own redemption

     By Christ and Him alone?

With garments white they will appear

     Before His heavenly throne.