Psalm 71

September 17, 2021 at 8:17 AM

Psalms is one of the most diverse books in the Bible, with various songs and prayers by at least five different authors. Psalms reflect on the righteous way of living, the glory and majesty of God, and in some cases, even the coming and reign of the Messiah Himself. The New Testament regularly references the psalms – from an exposition of several psalms in Hebrews 1 to Paul’s exhortation to sing “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” (Col 3:16), to Jesus’ dying words on the cross (Ps 22:1 in Mk 15:34; Ps 69:21 in Jn 19:28). We are New Testament believers part of the Church universal. What, then, prevents us from singing these same psalms today?

Westmount has sought to do just that. Recently, we have been adapting selected psalms into English metre with original melodies for singing in the corporate assembly. In this post, we offer you a taste of one such psalm. Be edified as you consider God’s Word in such poetic form!


In You, O LORD, I place my trust

Oh put me not to shame!

Deliver me in righteousness,

Protect my mortal frame;

Incline Your ear to rescue me,

And be my Refuge now.

To You I come continually;

To save me is Your vow.


Deliver me from wicked men,

So cruel they are, 'tis truth.

In You, Lord GOD, my hope has been,

You are my trust from youth.

You have upheld me from my birth

And from my mother's womb,

Still others wonder why on earth

Your praises I'll resume.


My enemies, they speak of me,

They wish to have me dead:

"God has forsaken him, we see,

Pursue and kill!" they said.

They seek to hurt, to kill, to scar

Confound them and consume!

God, let Your distance not be far

Make haste to help me soon!


In You I hope continually

I'll praise You more and more

Your righteousness; salvation free,

No limits to explore!

I'll walk within Your strength alone

And keep You in high view

I'll tell of what great things You've done

Oh God, who is like You?


Do not forsake me in old age

Or when I'm old and gray,

For when my youth and strength assuage

Your power I'll display.

You've let me see such troubles, God

Revive me, Lord, afresh

Oh, bring me up from depths of sod;

Console this man of flesh.


I'll praise your faithfulness through song,

Oh, Zion’s Holy One!

My soul rejoices all day long,

You've my redemption won.

My tongue Your justice shall assert,

I'll praise Your righteous name,

Because the ones who sought my hurt,

Have all been put to shame.