The Pharisee and the Public Schooler

June 11, 2021 at 9:33 AM

Two men went up to church one day

The sermon soon was underway

A preacher did expound the text

Yet both men's thoughts were quite perplexed.


One thought within himself like this:

"What's this imputed righteousness?

That concept makes no sense to me

I'm from a Christian family.


My parents taught me right from wrong

We learned the Scriptures all along

Since God was central in our home

We never from the truth did roam.


When I see others, I'm amazed

I'm lost in wonder, love, and praise

Their lives so different, I can see

Oh God, you've been so good to me!


Just look at so-called Christian folks

Whose whole profession is a hoax

They think that being worldly's cool

And send their kids to public school!


Wow. What stupidity of heart!

Such falsities those schools impart

Minds filled with evolution's lies

Just to say they've been 'socialized'


Now that's an awfully foolish trade

We homeschoolers have got it made

We're just not like those foolish teens

With tattooed arms and skinny jeans


One's sitting there across the aisle

I'm shocked and almost in denial

He sits in church with casual dress

And won't even give God his best!"


This one he spoke of, he was new

A stranger to the church and pew

He simply sat there and he cried

And this is what he said inside:


"Oh, God be merciful to me!

From sin's dominion set me free

Lord, hear my cry, I scarce can groan

My only hope is Christ alone."


To service end, we now shall skip

Both men began their homeward trip

So as they left and went their way

Which one was justified that day?