Three Priests

February 4, 2022 at 12:16 AM


A priest continues on as planned

Obedient to God’s command

He has a weighty charge to plead:

This is the day he’ll intercede.


Who is this priest whom we describe?

A faithful man from Levi’s tribe

His lineage perfect for the task

God’s mercy on the Jews to ask.


Atonement must be made for sin

Israel is not a guiltless kin

Jehovah’s anger won’t withdraw

From men who broke His holy law!


Silence befits the charge at hand

All Jewish work today is banned

The people wait in great suspense

Each pondering their own offence.


Even the priest should not commune

Of sinful deeds his life is strewn

Afraid! He is a sinner frail

Yet he must go beyond the veil!


So first he’ll slay a guiltless beast 

To cover his own sins as priest

And then for Israel’s sins at last

A lot among two goats he’ll cast


One goat shall be slaughtered today

The other must be sent away

To wilderness will soon be lead

With Israel’s guilt upon its head!


His hands prepared with sweet incense

A greater task he’ll now commence:

He trembles now with daunting fear

Men only enter once per year!


Beyond the veil, most holy place

For Yahweh’s glory fills that space!

The priest in reverence is awed

By such great glory of his God!


He drips blood on the mercy seat

Seven times, done, this work’s complete.

But even this will not suffice:

It points to future sacrifice.



A Priest, He suffers on a hill

For sinful men His blood to spill.

So willingly He’ll pay the cost

And die upon a Roman cross!


Who is this Priest whom mockers prod?

The very living Son of God

The serpent-crushing woman’s Seed

Jesus, Messiah, Lord indeed!


No man can recognize His face

Enduring such a great disgrace

A painful death without relief

Treated as though He were a thief!


In agony for the perverse

How willingly He takes their curse!

The Sinless One, the Father shunned

Communion blackened like the sun!


“Eloi, lama sabachthani?”

“My God, have you forsaken me?”

At last an end comes to His cries:

He yields His spirit up and dies.


Yet following His last exhale

Apart is rent the temple veil

The ground, it jolts with tremored roar

Saints come to life, t’were dead before!


Lo, three days later from the grave

Christ rose, eternally to save

Ascended after forty days

To Him be glory, laud, and praise!


This High Priest paid our debt in full

That couldn’t be done by goat or bull

Priests used to be replaced at death

But Christ is source of every breath!


Right now He’s sitting at the throne

And interceding for His own

So then if satan dares condemn

Christ still declares “I paid for them!”


‘Tis written in the scriptures true

He pleads for sinners, not a few

A multitude, none knows the sum

From every nation, tribe, and tongue.



A priest so humbly bows his head

He knows Christ suffered in his stead

Yet still it seems him very odd

That he should be a priest to God!


Who is this priest and royal heir?

A Gentile seeking God in prayer

He seems to have no outward worth

He wasn’t even Jew by birth.


T’was sinner, dead, in need of grace

Condemned like all of Adam’s race

He lived in vain pride, lust, and strife

Yet one day he was brought to life!


And now he sees things as he ought

There is no need to be distraught

Though God his awful deeds has known

He still comes boldly to the throne!


No temple veil to hold him back

In Christ, his priesthood has no lack

He’s not restricted “once per year”

His great High Priest is always near!


No need to sacrifice a lamb

To stand before the great I AM

No cause for sulking in distress

God sees him in Christ’s righteousness!


Thus as a joint-heir with the Son

Partaker of the age to come

He’ll tell the world of his release

And point them to his great High Priest.