Some Winter Watches for Movie-Ready Screens

October 19, 2023 at 9:37 AM

     I don’t know about you, but as the cold and dark evenings set in for autumn and winter, I feel there’s hardly a more fitting way to spend the evening (after eating dinner and holding a family devotional time) than to watch a movie. I know movies aren’t for everyone, but these days, lots of folks enjoy movies. Movies can be appreciated as good art; they can be edifying with stories that echo the grand story of Scripture itself. But movies can also be tricky. For every “Decent” movie, there are 20 bad ones. For every “Good” movie, there are 20 “Decent” ones. How do we know what’s worth-while to watch?

     Here, we want to offer you three suggestions of good movies you can watch – whether single or with your family – this winter. Each of these films are clean, edifying – and enjoyable!

Beyond the Mask

     This 2015 movie it is a historical fiction about the founding of America intertwining the British East India Company, Ben Franklin, and the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps most notably, though, it is a Christian movie made by Christian homeschoolers. Unlike other Christian movies, Beyond the Mask is more “epic” in scale and combines action, romance, and history in a simple character-based plot that focuses on the biblical theme of redemption. For those more sensitive viewers, do note there are numerous explosions as well as some sword-fighting, generally perilous actions scenes, and instances of death in this movie. Rating: PG.


     Animated Disney movies are not always “kids” movies. In fact, I’d argue their 2009 film Up is NOT a kids’ movie. Probably one of the greatest animated movies ever made, Up is a very whimsical, simple film that presents the reality of joy and sorrow in the world. It shows grief, and how grief may be dealt with, and what the results can be of loyal friendship or of anxious paranoia. Up could make you cry, could make you laugh, and will make you think twice about living life in this cursed world. Rating: PG.

12 Angry Men

     If you are not into modern nor animated films, perhaps this 1957 black and white movie is for you. Almost the entire movie is shot in one room where a jury deliberates and it features twelve men (the jury) deliberating about the innocence or guilt of a young fellow on trial. Not only is 12 Angry Men quite clean, but it is a window into human nature and characters of different sorts. Each of the twelve men has a different personality which is masterfully drawn out in the discussion. With which men are we most in common? Which men do we admire; which men do we despise? 12 Angry Men is a must-watch for those among us who enjoy well-written, thoughtful movies. Rating: Not Rated.